Web Hosting Details

I use and recommend BlueHost for WordPress hosting however depending on your circumstance, you may wish to choose your own hosting.  Depending on your budget and location you may prefer an Australian based server for your needs.

If you require a secure shopping website, you will need to purchase a thing called a “Dedicated I.P” Address and a Security Certificate (SSL Certificate) which allows you to secure your website with the green padlock in the address bar and provides the security neccessary to be able to offer secure payment options within your website.

I prefer Comodo but there are a number of providers you can choose from.

Your web host can also be the home of your Email settings. Generally, your hosting control panel allows you to setup  your email address and forwarders.  It also is home to all those website files and folders.  I like to work with CPanel, which comes standard with alot of hosting accounts.
As WordPress works best on a Linux Server, you must consider this when selecting your preferred website host.

Your Hosting is important because it manages all these things:

  • Secure it up with encryption and security certificate for shopping sites
  • Setup Email Accounts
  • Manage Files / Folders and Digital Assetts
  • Provide FTP Access
  • Is home to your SQL Database (Which runs your website)
  • Allows you to install other software and applications
  • Can manage your domains
  • Create and manage subdomains ( example http://shop.huiamaree.com )
  • PHPadmin for your web developer
  • Statistics and Website Visitor counters
  • Plus so much more.

If you choose a dodgy, cheap host – you may only be given access to a few of these functions.  BE CAREFUL if you are choosing your own hosting.  You want all these features and not be limited to just what your host decides to give you.  That is why I like BlueHost.  You get full features in your Control Panel, the interface is kept looking new and modern plus you can upgrade easily as you grow.

I set these accounts up on behalf of my client so you always have full and transparent access to your data and maintain ownership of your digital assets.  I also provide Management Services for your Hosting for an ongoing fee.  This is negotiated at the time of your website being designed.


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