Living in a cave at the Underground Retreat in White Cliffs NSW..

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Underground Retreat in White Cliffs NSW a true Outback Australian town, based on the blood, sweat and tears of Opal Miners and their families during the big boom.  Today, White Cliffs has plenty of old relics that leave the history of the place in no doubt.  Opals and Opal Mining is still a preoccupation for most of the 100 odd full time residents.  During my visit here I have discovered a truly rugged country, beautiful in it’s own way, and completely unforgiving too.

The most delightful part for me is experiencing the stunningly beautiful sunsets.

As the plains are as vast and as wide as the eye can see – there is nothing but huge outback sky to see (and a couple of emus and kangaroos too).
Being a city Gal, at first the sheer size and volume of space overcame my vision of anything but how bloody big the country side is.  After calming down, I realised that the place is actually buzzing with curious wild life.

My next step was to walk into a Dugout for the first time..

Stunned, amazed, in awe of such unique architecture could be a description.
My next stay was in the Underground Retreat.  Stunned, amazed, in awe again by such a completely different place.

It is no secret here that White Cliffs is an incredibly hot and dusty place.  This very well could have the dubious honour of being Australia’s driest town.
That pretty much garantees that any holiday you have is not going to be a wet one.  For those hailing from the North and the stinky humidity – have no fear.
The heat is, well, just hot.  The barometer very rarely peaks past dry and is somewhat more bearable – even when the mercury is sitting over 40 degrees.

Here is a place where I have thrown my usual prissy caution to the wind and got my hands dirty.
Painting, plumbing, digging, dumping rocks and dirt … and I guess typing and designing a little too.

Far, far away from any city stress, I have discovered a love and appreciation for the Outback and her people.

Therefore, it is with no hesitation that I recommend a visit to White Cliffs if want to taste the red dirt of our beautiful sunburnt country and maybe find an Opal seam or two.

If you want to view the Underground Retreat Website that I built please visit

White Cliffs NSW by Huia  White Cliffs by Huia  White Cliffs by Huia


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