During my time as a Coach, Manager and Designer, I have been really fortunate to work with some amazing individuals and businesses who have made a personal difference to my life and my businesses.  I was lucky enough to work closely in the Australian professional and amateur boxing circles with some of Australia’s finest athletes going.

This list includes
Todd Kidd – Australian Champion and Commonwealth Games rep
Chris McCullen – Australian Professional Welterweight Champion
Brad Pitt – Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
Jarrod Fletcher – Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
Nathan Di Carlo – Commnonwealth Games Rep
Shannon O’Connell – Australian Female Champion
Gary St Claire– World Champion

Plus numerous other very talented Elite Athletes

Renee Ann – Jewellery Designer Extraordinaire
Doll Face Handbag Boutique
Halcyon Cottages
Utopia Holiday Units
Ace Boxing Promotions
Jacaranda Chambers – Barristers at Law
The Boxing Shop
Butterfly Boxing
Rightcross Boxing & Sporting Apparel
Rightcross Mobile Workwear
Signature Creations Event Management
PainFree Sport Centre
Griffith University Student Support Services
Moves That Matter – Personal & Executive Training
Youth and Family Service
Tri-Steel Great Lakes

I would like to thank all those people and businesses mentioned above for your special contribution to the world and to my own personal experience.

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