I have always had a fascination with Hypnosis.

Even as a young teenager, although I didn’t actually know there was a real name for it. I would take my friends, and sometimes their parents, on a little thing that I called a “Mind Walk”. 

On this relaxed journey, they would step into a special place called the White Room and open a door to a pathway that will bring to them a message.  They brought this ‘message’ back with them to their white room and then back into the blinking lights of their lounge room ceiling or other convenient location.
These days, I would call this  a guided visualization 🙂
In those days, I had no training, no experience, no knowledge that what I was actually doing was inducing a light trance   ..  What I did know though, was that my curiosity,  mixed with a desire to serve in a meaningful and positive way, led me to work in the community as a JPET Trainer, later fulfilling a dream in becoming a Life Coach and consulting within the the health and wellness industry.
 Using a combination of hypnosis, NLP, sport psychology and profiling, athletes were given deeper insights into themselves , what makes them responsive, and their personal strengths .  This resulted in the coach and the athlete understanding each other better, with the coach knowing exactly what motivates and energizes the individual.  I had fun experimenting with concepts using colour, imagery and ‘trigger stones’  to assist in overcoming self perceived fears and limitations.
I recall one young Indigenous athlete – with a promising professional career, who was able to use natural creative ability to recognize the voice in his head that told him “he wasn’t allowed to be good”.  This very thing is what had stopped him, time and again in getting through the final round – it was like his heart gave up on him.  He was in peak condition and trained hard, so what was the problem? In the business called sport, you cannot teach someone how to have ‘Heart’ yet it is what separates the winners from the losers.  On recognizing and banishing that little taunting voice in his head, he crossed a very important line and it become obvious from his very next bout.  He no longer had a problem getting through the final rounds, and is all heart.
In the  sport of boxing – it is perhaps widely known that Boxers in the Red Corner win more often. The stats prove it.  This can be attributed, in my humble opinion, to the fact that the judges scoring is purely visual.  4 of the judges must click the electronic scorer within a second of each other based on their assessment of who was the most dominant in that particular exchange.  Even the most well trained eyes cannot beat the natural trigger or ‘flag’ that the colour red produces.  In this sport, every advantage is a good one, and a physiological disadvantage can be insurmountable to the untrained or the amateur.
 A guided visual of a bucket of red paint falling from the top of the head down to toes – and with it, a rush of strength, confidence and control was just one of the visual tools used to create an edge in mental and physical performance. To put themselves ‘into the picture’, they needed to be of a calm resourceful state, the action of visualizing red  as trigger and permission for all systems to Go!  Training a fighters mind to respond with confidence and power to seeing or wearing the colour red is just one more trick in the arsenal of a willing minded athlete.  Being ‘in trance’ has produced stunning results with elite athletes world wide. Top teams engage the services of sports hypnotherapists to improve performance and build team rapport.  .
 Do you have some stories how you have helped others get crafty?  Feel free to share your story with me by adding your comments below.
Which brings me to share my list of ‘10 fascinating things about  Hypnosis that I love

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