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As of the 30th of November, 2015, I am really happy and excited to let you know that I will officially become a Diploma student of Early Childhood Education and Care. (TAFE Queensland Brisbane). This Diploma qualifies me to become an Early Childhood Teacher and as such, I abide by laws and regulations that protect children and their rights.

Inspired by my love for my own Son, and every little One, I feel there is nothing more important than to care for the wellbeing, education and health of our kids. My journey into this field has been a heartfelt decision and I have a compelling vision to make a difference to the lives of children and families – wherever I may go. I understand the pressures that families face and believe that by undertaking this path in my studies – I can help to affect change through service, education and creativity.

I aspire to bring my technical skills and community minded approach to this journey.  I feel really grateful that I can make this step into becoming an awesome Early Childhood Teacher.

Current Status Enrolled Student (TAFE Queensland Brisbane) CHC50113 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Current Qualifications

Previous Training & Education

National Laws, Regulations and Acts

As an Early Childhood Educator (Employee, student or volunteer), I must abide by all National Law, Regulations and Acts relevant to working with children. The National Quality Framework has been set out to ensure the quality, outcomes and equality in provision of education, care and services. I must do this with respect and care for the wellbeing and Rights of the Child. I will do this and reflect upon my own practices, ethics and application of Frameworks and pedagogy. I will create a safe, supportive and encouraging learning environment that matches the values, practices. and outcomes for children as guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

National Quality Framework

Guide to the National Quality Framework

Belonging, being and becoming

Belonging, being and becoming—Early Years Learning Framework

Early Childhood Education and Care Quality

Australian Education and Care Quality Authority (AECQA)

Education and Care Services National Regulations

Education and Care Services National Regulations

Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics

Child Protection Acts

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services http://www.communities.qld.gov.au/childsafety/protecting-children
Commission for Children Young People and Guild Guardian Act 2000 (Qld) https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/LEGISLTN/CURRENT/C/CommisChildA00.pdf

Working With Children Check

In Queensland it is required that any person who works with Children must hold a valid and current Blue Card.

National Police Check


The Early Years Learning Framework is an early childhood curriculum framework, which will guide early childhood educators in developing quality, early childhood education programs.


National Law and Legal RequirementsEarly Years Learning Framework


An incredibly simple, free (for parents) and easy to use e-portfoilio and communication tool for kids, parents and teachers to communicate and collate in real time, online and safely.  Storypark is a fantastic mapping and reporting tool for educational experiences and outcomes.

Volunteer, Community & Causes

Not for profit projects and charities for children and families that I proudly support.

Day of Difference Foundation - supporting critically injured children and their families.
The Day of Difference Foundation‘s work in supporting critically injured children and their families is World First.  Despite many thousands of injuries occurring every year, there is no National Register until now.  The Foundation also provides the stepping stones for more support for families, the often unrecognised when trauma has occurred. Read more by visiting http://dayofdifference.org.au
Heartfelt Hope - See the Unseen. Hear the Unheard. Love the Unloved.
I have a very special soft spot for this organisation founded by Helen and Ben Betz and their family.  The incredible outreach and missionary program that now extends to impoverished countries to provide education, medical facilities and support for families, many of whom are orphan children who have been affected by AIDS and poverty. The organisation walks the talk – and the faith. “See the unseen.  Hear the unheard.  Love the unloved” On hearing a story from one of their missionaries in Uganda about a widowed Mother of 9 (4 of whom were orphans) praying for a roof to cover their home, I was able to donate something that meant comfort, protection and shelter in very real terms. Any donation you make to this organisation – 100% of what you donate to this organisation – goes to providing direct support to a family in need.  Please visit heartfelthope.org.au to learn more.
Kiva.org - Empower people around the world with a $25 Loan.
Kiva.org is an amazing way to be able to help people who need assistance to support their efforts to create a better life for themselves and their communities.  You can view people and projects and for as little as $25, you can join others to ‘group fund’ a project.  This loan is then paid back in manageable, trackable amounts.  When the loan is completed, you can simply give it back again to another project you choose. I chose to help fund a family in Cambodia who desperately needed a toilet for their health, safety and comfort. This was a gift to myself on Valentine’s Day and one I think I will repeat every year. Kiva.org microloans
Sunrise Children's Villages Cambodia
I met Sunrise founder, Geraldine Cox at a Business Chicks breakfast in Brisbane.  This unforgettable, strong and dedicated woman responded to the tragedy that she found herself surrounded in and has made an immeasurable impact on the people of Cambodia.  Her first words when speaking was “I am not going to apologise for the things that I am about to tell you…” and the entire convention was left heartbroken, but inspired by the courage of the children and their remarkable ability to respond and heal when placed in gentle, loving care. The villages comprise of many other little ‘brothers and sisters’ who too, have endured more than any child should bear. I donate to this charity when I can.  I have a goal of participating in a service project to support Sunsrise Villages in 2017.

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Huia Maree Hikaiti

Huia Maree Hikaiti

I am a Student and always will be.  This is my learning journey.

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