3 Steps to Getting Online..

The first obvious steps to getting your business online is PLANNING.  You wouldn’t run your business without a clear plan, and neither should your online business.
So lets assume that you are already operating your business, you have a clear marketing plan and a sound strategy on how and who your business is targeting.

To get online you will need to have a Domain Name, Web Hosting and a website.  It really helps your Web Developer if you have written material that can be used already to inform your customers.  So, gather all the information that you need, all the ideas that you have cooking and get started.

Please note that I am no ordinary designer. I want you to feel empowered and in control of your Brand and your business. 
My Goal as a Web designer is to empower you to manage your own website – but I am happy to perform these tasks as part of my Service to you.


step1 secure your domain name


  • Complete the domain name search form here for Instant Results on if your domain name is available.  If the domain has been taken you can perform a WHOIS search which will give you some information on the domain registration.  Please use this example:   www.example.com.au or www.example.com
  • You can also click on a link to immediately register your domain name.
    Currently this links to Dreamhost and GoDaddy for domains.  However, if want an Australian domain name (.com.au), then I recommend visiting Only Domains.
  • Once you have secured your domain name, you will be given a Domain Control Panel to manage your domain details.  Keep this information safe!



step2 Get Web Hosting


  • You are going to need a Home for all those great and informative webpages and tools.  Hosting costs vary depending on which company and what services you need.
  • If you are a small business, I may offer you Hosting at a very cost effective price.
  • Keep in mind that Hosting will generally cost you around $200 for 12 months.’
  • Once you have secured hosting, you will be given access to a Control Panel which acts like a Brain for all your files, Email Accounts and Databases.


step3 Upload your Website


This is the Fun part.  You have had a fantastic website designed for you or you decided that Premium Theme was the go.  So now you are ready to upload your files or install your website.  I use WordPress as a self hosted solution for all my clients.  Wordpress is Free and Open Source – but packed with options to create a very large content website, a complete Content and Client Management System, a complex ecommerce store accepting credit card payments or a simple Blog.

WordPress is very well supported and there are literally thousands of free and paid enhancements called ‘Plugins’ that can extend the functionality of your website.  You can add almost anything! Including calenders, forms, product pages, client managers, galleries..

Navigating the setup can be tricky – I can take the hassle and stress of setup and help your business get Page 1 Rankings in Google.
If you would like assistance in securing your domain name, hosting and getting your website online I can help.  Request a quote here.



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