Huia Maree Hikaiti

“I am a Brisbane based Marketing Creative & Freelance Web Developer, who is working towards becoming an Early Childhood Teacher”

Huia Maree HikaitiAbout Me

“I am a Brisbane based Marketing Creative & Freelance Web Developer, who is working towards becoming an Early Childhood Teacher”

I have a range of broadly developed technical, administrative and planning skills that I use to design,  setup and maintain CMS systems, digital content and assets, maintain server and databases and do business online.  From start to finish, I can handle every aspect of your website design, hosting and management. Beyond these skills, I have trained, coached and supported a diverse range of people across business, community and sport sectors, in both computers and health & wellness. I am compassionate, patient and intuitive, with a responsive nature.  I believe that educating little ones is creation in motion and the most important ‘programming’ that I will ever do. As such, I take my responsibility as a Student, Carer and human very seriously. To put it the most bluntly, I would want someone just like me to care for, support and educate my kids while I couldn’t.

Skills and Experience

Web Design & Graphic Artwork

  • 12+ years learning and evolving with the Internet. Yes, I remember writing basic programs as a kid on a Commodore 64!
  • 10+ years working with the following technologies HTML, CSS, PHP, JQUERY, WORDPRESS, JAVASCRIPT Desktop Software – Adobe Pro,  Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Corel, Microsoft Office Suite, FTP Manager, Quickbooks Pro, MYOB.
  • Advanced WordPress / Elance Expert Status.

Training & Development

I deliver workplace training (face to face or remote) and consulting for Individuals, Clients and staff in the following areas:

  • Computers
  • WordPress
  • Desktop applications
  • Email
  • Website Management
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Profile Development & Social Media.
  • Database setup
  • Plus provide Ongoing I.T Support for businesses


Health & Wellness Trainer / Life Coach

  • Accredited Life Coach delivering Personal Development Consultations, Workshops and Health Programs for Individuals and groups
  • (Former Registered) Hypnotherapist – With a special interest in Hypnosis for Sport Providing fitness
  • One on One Coaching to elite athletes and high performing individuals
  • Youth & Family Service – JPET (Job Placement & Employment Trainer) Program Facilitator – Computer Skills
  • Project Assistant – Jobsearch Coach & Trainer
  • Boxing Australia accredited Boxing Coach | The Boxing Shop   |  Great Lakes Council – YMCA  |  Youth & Family Service


Events, Hospitality & Sponsorships

  • Experience in Event Management – Events, Boxing Bouts, Presentation Awards, Fitness Bootcamps.
  • Experience in Sponsorship facilitation and profile development for elite athletes
  • 2+ years experience in Hospitality (Bar and Restaurant)

Download Huia Maree Hikaiti Resume. Requires a User Name and Password.  Please Ask Me.

Current Status

As of the 30th of November, 2015, I am really happy and excited to let you know that I will officially become a Diploma student of Early Childhood Education and Care. I aspire to bring my technical skills and community minded approach to this journey.  I feel really grateful that I can make this step into becoming an awesome Early Childhood Teacher.   Huia Maree Hikaiti

Previous Education & Training

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