Hypnosis is 100% natural.
You experience it every day.  It is like how your feel when you are between sleep and  before your mind is alert.  It is direct access to unlimited human potential – the Unconscious Mind
You cannot be hypnotised against your will.
Nor can you be made to do anything that is against your beliefs while in an hypnotic state. Nope, you won’t cluck like a chicken.  Save that for the stage acts.
Hypnotherapy is recognised by the Australian Medical counsel.
It is a legal profession and has been since late 1950’s.
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Your Unconscious mind is your  Personal Auto-Pilot.
While you are thinking that it is time to do your laundry, ‘It’ on the other hand is performing trillions of functions per second to keep you alive, safe and happy (or sad!).  It stores all your memories and takes in everything.  Everything.  Even while you are asleep. It also keeps you safe and stores your beliefs – positive or negative as easy shortcuts to take without you having to think about it.  This is why it is crucial to question our personal beliefs at times to make sure they really do support us.
Being in a hypnotic state, you have  direct access to your Unconscious Mind.  You can *embed the commands, it goes to town on auto-pilot – you don’t even have to ‘think’ or be ‘conscious’ of it. Positive subliminal messages are instructions for your auto-pilot to act on.
Have you ever being driving and suddenly, you go Wow, I didn’t realize we were here already?  While you were daydreaming (in an hypnotic state), guess which one of your minds was driving the car?  Don’t use that excuse with the law enforcement though, they don’t appreciate it.  But it sure does feel nice to daydream… and relax …. And not listen to the chit chat that your conscious mind can bombard you with at times.
No 5
A hypnotic state is not scary, does not feel weird or feel unpleasant.
It is not a weird mind altering substance.  But it is very relaxing..  And a fascinating topic to explore and learn about.  The Human Mind is incredible, and that includes yours.  Even if you have killed all your brain cells partying through the flower power Gen or it is only just forming.  A hypnotic state or light trance can also take place during prayer or meditation… Oi, you in the back pew!

No 6
Hypnosis can be used to control pain
In surgery, in childbirth, in sport etc.  In fact, Doctors can and have used it to perform surgery where there has been no medical supplies available.  The Unconscious Mind runs the body and performs all the healing functions in the body.  Tap into the unconscious mind and ask it to give you a little break, just  while your teeth are being drilled..  
FACT:   I wish someone had  told the curious teenager about Hypnosis for childbirth before having done a live experiment without it 🙂
The Unconscious Mind works in pictures.

It likes serving and it needs clear orders to follow.  It goes about producing what you order it .  There is a direct link to thoughts and tangible results.  Our thoughts produces feelings, feelings give us energy and positive action or reaction, action gives us results.    Feed your mind with quality thoughts, affirmations and positive self talk, picture positive outcomes for all that you want to do, act on these things..
You get what you think?  Embedding quality suggestions into your internal landscape will bring outward results.
Hypnosis can be induced in a number of ways.
Including using visual eye tricks such as a spinning wheel. Here are some cool hypnotic optical illusion spirals.  Click here to view some video. A suggestibility test…

If you are not able to follow instruction – you can’t be hypnotised by anyone!  Anything that gains your ‘conscious’ resistance defeats the purpose! There are things that are called ‘suggestibility tests’ and ‘convincers’ that are used to start to build rapport, trust and convince the individual of their ability to go into a trance.
The Lead Balloon Test.
Close your eyes, now pretend that I have just handed you a bright blue balloon.  You are holding it between your hands but suddenly, it is filled with lead.. So heavy… it is getting heavier and heavier… the weight feels like a ton of concrete… you almost want to put it down.. You can barely lift it….. That’s right, so heavy…..  And now, it all pours out, and again it is light, light as a feather…. It is so light and your arms relax…
If I was reading this are you were listening to me, and following instructions – your imagination would have enabled you to feel the balloon in your hands and feel your arms grow heavier and then lighter.  You perhaps could have even described to me the hue of the balloon and how large or small it was.  Now, if you are one of those rare people who refuse to be hypnotized, and say that you never could be – this is truth!  Hypnosis is the bypass of critical thought.  If you believe you can’t – you won’t.  But for those who are curious and a fertile ground for successful hypnotic suggestion, using your imagination and allowing rapport to occur brings the greatest results.
In the same way that a person must follow directions and believe that they can be hypnotized, the Hypnotherapist must also believe in that that person is the GREATEST hypnotic subject to work with. Rapport is an essential part of the process.  Remember though, everyone experiences hypnosis, regularly and is in fact a perfect hypnotic subject.
You trust yourself right?
You can record your own hypnosis tapes and give yourself the heads up!
There is plenty of reading material out there to teach you how to use self-hypnosis.  If you can’t take direction from yourself, who will you take it from? 🙂
You and I have unlimited potential within.
I am not saying that I encourage everyone to indulge your curiosity on your friends and family without their permission or without proper training or accreditation.  What I am suggesting is that hypnosis and hypnotic language  can and does get used for good in this world. When used ethically and responsibly by a trained professional, it can be especially useful for students, athletes or those under pressure to perform both physically, mentally or emotionally.  It enables access to internal resources that  are already inside of YOU..   I believe that we were created masterfully and with a loving hand .  You are a perfect expression of this.You and I have unlimited capabilities that are just waiting to be tapped and explored.  If neither you or I were not inherently curious, how would the human race live to survive or expand into the delightful creatures we are today?  I encourage you to investigate for yourself the benefits of self-hypnosis as part of your own personal development program.  In the meantime, hands up if you want to participate in a little social experiment? 🙂
Huia Maree Hikaiti
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