Hi, thanks for visiting.  My name is Huia Maree Hikaiti. I am a Brisbane based Educator and WordPress Developer.  i study the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and work in the industry  I love teaching children, hands on messy activities and expressions of art made from play dough. I enjoy nature, music, science while reminding myself that 3 is too young to learn how useful and practical magnifying glasses can really be. I have learned how important it is to have all your spare limbs available for climbing, caring  and comfort but most important of all,  what I have learned is:


Dance like no one (but the babies) are watching..


Children laugh because they love you, not because they judge you.


Protect, support and scaffold.. Because you love them.


Children have rights, identity and interests of their own.


Become the Tree. 


This importance of Play in all childrens development.


The importance of teachers.


I aim to become a really, really good one.


I care about children, families and community and manage a modest portfolio of Clients, latest work.






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